Cole Haan Nike Air Heels

image Yes, that’s right. Cole Haan has heels that have Nike Air built into them. Meaning, style is really meeting with comfort. Each high heel shoe in the Nike Air Collection has the Nike Zoom air bag technology built into it. This technology functions in cushioning the heel and ball of the foot. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it ladies!

image X-ray of Cole Haan Nike Air Heels

This means that the stress and pain caused by balancing on that tiny little heel is now counterbalanced. What this means for all of us High heel wearers is COMFORTABILITY!! How often is that word in the same sentence with high heels?

Now, Cole Haan’s Nike Air Collection features different styles, not just high heels. Also, found in the collection are wedges (great!), platforms, pumps, boots, slingbacks and Mary  Jane’s. They have something for every girl seeking comfort and style. Here’s a few of their styles…

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Cool Clothes For Back To School

image What the most important thing about going back to school, the FASHION!  Especially when the fashion world is changing everyday. It is really tough when you are starting school up again and you don’t know what is IN and what is OUT in fashion.

It seems that graphic tees are starting to catch the eye….

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backbend Yoga has always interested me. The whole flexibility and cool poses, makes me want to learn. It’s like a Yoga movement going on and I want to be apart of it. Yoganians(word I made up) live the yoga life, it’s not just an exercise but a way of life for them. Exercise is said to be just one part of yoga, well that’s the part I am in for Happy. It is about disciplining your body, mind and soul. I believe I can handle that.

     There are many different poses and types of yoga. The benefits of yoga go on and on. A few of them are hand-eye coordination improves, immunity increases, sleep improves, (here’s the biggie) weight normalizes, energy level is increased, and improved flexibility and joint range. You can go to almost any city and any gym and learn yoga. You can also go online and take some classes….lol. If for nothing more than the cool equipment and outfits, I am going to take me some Yoga…sooner or later….Hee hee. I want to be a fit, healthy Yoganian, too! Which do you prefer yoga or regular exercise? Also, would you rather do yoga or pilates?

Benefits of a Massage

massage There are a million reasons why you should be getting a massage every two weeks or so. But the main reason people get them is the relaxation and pampering they experience from it. The whole setting you experience can be overwhelming for the best of us, I know always fall asleep on the table. I worked for the past 7 years as a massage therapist and there are many other reasons, useful reasons, to get that regular massage. Whether you want a deep tissue or Swedish, you should be regularly getting one.

Thought of as a luxury, it actually has many healing therapeutic benefits. A few of the benefits are stress relief, pain management, muscle maintenance and repair, increases joint flexibility, lessens depression, reduces spasms and cramping, releases endorphins (natural painkillers), and enhances sleep quality. Many of us walk around with problems that can be solved by a few sessions with a massage therapist. Ever feel a knot or pain in your neck or shoulder? A massage therapist can help, if not remove, the knot, pain, and kinks in your body.

A massage is so relaxing and calming, it makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t get them. More amazing, there are many people walking around who have never experienced one. After a massage, you will feel energized and ready to face the world. Just remember to drink lots of water after, to help flush the toxins and help with any soreness from deep tissue. The effects are so profound, if you haven’t ever gotten a massage, make an appointment today! You can thank me later Winking.

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Free Wedding Guide

wedding pic Hearing that title, I am sure has sparked a lot of attention. Seems impossible, unless you win a free wedding but with a little ingenuity, persistence, and flexibility you just may pull off one. Free Weddings don’t just grow on trees, though, you have to put in the work to get a “free” or inexpensive wedding. I will tell you some tricks and ideas to help you on your way there.

     I can’t stress enough, the word to keep in mind is ADVERTISING! A company only survives by advertising, whether it be word of mouth or television commercials they need to get their name and what they do public. This is where you have a sweet advantage…you are getting ready to have a wedding, which can be a company’s jackpot. Here is a list to check off:

  • Be Flexible – Keep your wedding dates open, some businesses may be able to help you out more if you can go by their schedule. Be open to whatever comes
  • Seek out local businesses – when choosing bakery, or tuxedo rental shop find local company’s and see  if they would be willing to trade the cake and tux for advertising at the wedding. You can put cards around the cake stating “cake courtesy of ___”.
  • Photography – Most photographers are freelance, self employed. This can be a great opportunity for both of you. You can get free photography and in exchange let the photographer have a table with business cards and samples of work or put up a banner somewhere. You may also be able to get your engagement pictures free or inexpensive by letting the photographer know you are willing to put them up at the wedding, that way everyone can see what great work the photographer does…..Great Idea!!
  • Another trick for photography, in the invitations ask everyone to bring disposable camera’s (as a special gift) and have the guest’s snap away ton’s of pics…then get them developed and make your own wedding book. (I bet you get some great pictures)
  • Invitations – Do them yourself. You can print them off the computer and add all kinds of scrapbooking items or you can go out and buy a do it yourself invitation kit. If that’s too much for you, ask to trade invitations for, what’s the key word, ADVERTISING.
  • Wedding Dress – See about trading for advertising with a local boutique, you may end up with a gorgeous dress (borrowed of course) you never could have gotten. After all they want you to look your best when it’s their name on the line.
  • Catering – have an evening wedding, that way you only need the wedding cake and  hor’dourves, get family and friends to help out with those. (can also try trading services for advertising)
  • Wedding location – try your family church or a country club that someone you know is a member, usually both places will offer free services for members. Also, keep in mind a beach wedding or a great backyard wedding with a garden reception. Combine wedding and honeymoon together, do a cruise or special location, both will give free wedding with reservations…do some research into it.

These are some ideas to get you started on your way. Start asking around and you may sponsors you never thought would go for it. I know I did when I needed them. I have had a dress donated, fitted and redesigned for me, so it can be done! You just have to look in the right places…..local businesses are a good place to start!Remember to be creative when thinking of things you may need or you want for your wedding. Have fun and have a happy free wedding!

Let me know what all worked for you and how you did it!!!

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Bargains 04/11/08

 shopping Here are my bargains and discounts for this week.

Remember let me know, if there is anything in specific you are looking for or would like to see listed. I’ll research it for you.

Family and friends, let me know you are interested and I have some just for you guys.


AVON – Lift, Firm & Save 50% on top selling skin care items. Get free shipping 

Promo code: SPRING815  expires 4/24/08


OLD NAVY – Free Shipping over $50 

Promo code: SHIP4FREE expires 4/24/08


AMERICAN EAGLE – Earn double credits now 04/01-04/14/08 (all access pass members) Tee’s buy one get one 50% off. Free shipping orders over $100.


BABYCENTER.COM – save up to 15% off (depending on how much you spend..ranges $25-5%, $50-10%, $150-15%)

Promo code: EXTRA15%OFF expires 4/13/08


MARTIN AND OSA – 15% off, free shipping, free returns

Promo Code: 52691482 expires 4/16/08

Store Coupon print off



BORDERS – 30% off with $10 purchase

Store Coupon print off expires 4/13/08


40% off List price of Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

Store Coupon print off expires 4/22/08


40% off List price of Where are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

Store Coupon print off expires 4/15/08


Buy any 1 Blu Ray Disc, Get one Half Price

Store Coupon print off expires 4/13/08 – Free shipping when you spend $50 in Baby Gear, plus save 15% on any $125 Baby Furniture order. expires 4/12/08

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liar I can’t even count on my hands and feet how many times I wished I could read someone’s mind. Sometimes, I wish life was like the movies where you could just look at someone and hear their thoughts, then again they would probably be reading mine too, so never mind on that. But, seriously, how many times have you told someone just what they wanted to hear….I know I have many many times…better to lie than hurt someone’s feelings. Just like some times call for a lie to be nice, other times there is no excuse to lie. These are the times you may need to become more aware of the situation and the person.      By just paying attention, you can notice some things that will key you in on a lie. When someone is guilty they may:

  • become very defensive
  • body language – not looking you in the eye, being fidgety, acting nervous or uncomfortable, arms or legs will face the exits, looking up to the right
  • Mistaken memories – stories/events constantly change   
  • Projected feelings – telling you you are lying
  • Touches the face – touches the cheek, mouth or nose
  • Rise in voice pitch
  • Pause in speaking – needing time to think before answering

Remember that the person’s normal behavior has to be taken into consideration. If the person is an awkward, fidgety, uncomfortable person normally, then this definitely won’t work for them. This is more for the cool, calm collective people. Any noticeable change in behavior can clue you in that something is going on. Pay attention and be alert to what is said and done and you may start noticing things….

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