"Let’s Get Physical"

workout I know it is really, really hard to get in shape and eat right. Dieting, working out, abstaining from fatty delicious foods. It just takes determination and the want to get healthy and look better. The 1st step is just making up your mind that you are seriously going to start doing better for your health. You have to make a firm commitment to yourself!

It always seems to me the hardest time is the 1st day. Once I make it through the 1st day I don’t want to undo all the hard work from that by cheating the next day. It’s kinda like one day in the hole and it pushes me to keep doing better. My problem with eating right and working out is that I start to talk myself into doing wrong.

It’s seems like I have dual inner voices and they don’t agree on many things when it comes to fitness. One will tell me, “you don’t need those sweets try drinking some water or working out”, which is a good idea because one of those always works. Then that other voice will tell me “just eat that one piece of chocolate and it won’t hurt”, then I end up eating the whole thing….and a piece of cake…. and I have to wash it down with a soda!!! At this point I feel like just giving up on the whole eating right, working out thing. Sad, I know.

The easiest way for me to start working out is to try and get a buddy to go with . Just until I can get a routine, getting into the routine is the hardest part of working out. The thought of leaving the house to go run on a treadmill with all those people looking at me, always makes me say “I’ll do it tomorrow” (just another way to talk myself out of it). Well that was a few months ago…..and a lot of tomorrows.

It’s also a good idea to have an objective that you working toward. One time for me, it was waiting for my husband to get back home. That way I had a reason to go to the gym and an objective to work toward. I wanted to keep myself busy and look nice when he got back. Another way to work out is to get a fitness program. You can try dance, yoga/pilates, or aerobics. Any physical activity that gives a workout is a good alternative to the gym, if you dislike going to the gym. No one said looking good was easy, so let’s get to work!!!!

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