Smokey Eyes

smoky eye Everyone always ask me how do I get my smoky eye look. It really isn’t as difficult as it seems. The key to keeping all eye shadow from creasing into your lid is to make sure the area is oil free. You can also use an eye shadow base or “primer” Arbonne has a great one, Virtual Illusion Makeup primer, it’s safe for the eyelids . If you want a dark shadowy look try the black, brown, or gray. You can also go for a jewel toned look and use a violet, deep green or a blue shadow (like Arbonne’s About Face Eye Shadow, Inkling). This same technique can be used with a pencil or powder. For liquid liner you can place dots on your lash line then follow the dots to make a perfectly straight line. What you need for the look: 4 shadows…light, medium, dark, and the darkest shadow you have; black pencil; and mascara.

1. Use a light eye shadow (try Shy and Linen by Arbonne)– apply the lighter color right under the eyebrow, avoid the crease and lid. (I also like to add a little under the tear ducts, makes eyes look brighter and more open)

2. Shadow the lid with a slightly darker color, Cinder by Arbonne is a great color(I always use a brown or a tan color, something that is close to your skin tone is what you’re after) This will help the darker color adhere, be sure not to cover the lighter eye shadow under the lid.

*You also will need a good eye brow liner brush (you can get a great eye brow brush in the 10 piece brush set at Arbonne for a very nice price). You rub the bristle side of the brush into a soft brown and holding the brush with the bristles parallel to your lash line do one sweep from lashes up to the crease of your eye. If you think that’s not enough repeat the brushing process. Now you should be able to open your eye and see the tan color coming over your crease.

3. Adding your darkest color – Here is where you use the color you chose at the beginning…either the shadowy look or the jewel toned. Do the same brush technique you did with the soft brown only you are using the color of your choice and don’t go up to the crease, stay right under your crease line.

4. Put on your mascara

5. Eye Liner – Use your liner in either dark gray or black pencil ( I do the whole eye)

6. Now use your darkest shadow…the darker the better…you want to smudge this over the liner. A Q-tip is great for this…leave the tear duct area light.

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  1. Has anyone every tried Arbonne ? I think the stuff works great, anyone else have success with it?

  2. Yeah Arbonne is a great product line. I also LOVE Bare Escentuals.

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