liar I can’t even count on my hands and feet how many times I wished I could read someone’s mind. Sometimes, I wish life was like the movies where you could just look at someone and hear their thoughts, then again they would probably be reading mine too, so never mind on that. But, seriously, how many times have you told someone just what they wanted to hear….I know I have many many times…better to lie than hurt someone’s feelings. Just like some times call for a lie to be nice, other times there is no excuse to lie. These are the times you may need to become more aware of the situation and the person.      By just paying attention, you can notice some things that will key you in on a lie. When someone is guilty they may:

  • become very defensive
  • body language – not looking you in the eye, being fidgety, acting nervous or uncomfortable, arms or legs will face the exits, looking up to the right
  • Mistaken memories – stories/events constantly change   
  • Projected feelings – telling you you are lying
  • Touches the face – touches the cheek, mouth or nose
  • Rise in voice pitch
  • Pause in speaking – needing time to think before answering

Remember that the person’s normal behavior has to be taken into consideration. If the person is an awkward, fidgety, uncomfortable person normally, then this definitely won’t work for them. This is more for the cool, calm collective people. Any noticeable change in behavior can clue you in that something is going on. Pay attention and be alert to what is said and done and you may start noticing things….

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